Linde provides cost effective handling solution for Otley Brewing Company with quality used trucks

Linde Material Handling supplied Otley with a Linde-approved E14 electric forklift truck, complete with new battery to help the company manoeuvre heavy and bulky ingredients for brewing as well as its bottled and cask ales.

As a small, family-run business, the truck provides a cost-effective means to a quality truck guaranteed by the Linde name that is reliable and meets its specific needs. The brewery, based in Pontypridd, south Wales, supplies its craft beers to a number of pubs, independent shops, hotels and restaurants across south Wales and the south of England. It employs seven staff in total and produces between 1,800 – 2,200 gallons of beer each week which equals about 20-30 pallets.

Steve Brown, Sales Account Manager at Linde Severnside Ltd, explains: “Otley got in touch with us back in December 2010 on recommendation from one of its employees. At the time the company was growing rapidly and experiencing a surge in customer orders so it was looking for a truck that could help staff load pallets of bottles and casks quickly and easily to and from the delivery van.

“Otley also needed a truck to help transport equipment and ingredients into the brewery that was suitable to work in a confined space, under a low mezzanine floor as well as handle loads inside and outside the unit. “

Before Otley purchased the truck, this work was all previously done by hand, requiring a lot of time and energy, or a forklift was borrowed from another company. As the company was growing, this method was not sustainable so Matthew decided it was time to invest in a refurbished E14 Linde truck.”

Linde supplied Otley Brewing Company with an electric E14 forklift truck which is energy-efficient and safe, offering optimum operator comfort and precise load handling. Linde Approved used equipment offers an excellent cost effective alternative to investment in new models. It is a risk-free way to acquire reliable, high performance equipment backed by a leading UK brand. Typically ex-contract hire, all Linde Approved trucks have been maintained from new to the manufacturer’s standards by Linde’s national network companies and their 23 fully equipped support centres nationwide. Linde offers a wide choice of trucks complete with individual service histories, and only genuine Linde parts fitted during refurbishment.

Three grades of Linde Approved trucks are available, designed to suit individual budgets and applications.

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