Linde Approved provides cost effective used truck solution for Simon Muir Building Contractors

Linde Material Handling supplied Simon Muir Building Contractors with a Linde Approved H25D

diesel counterbalance truck to help the company with moving loads around the yard and lifting

bricks onto the delivery van.

Simon Muir Building Contractors, is a small builders' merchant based in Leyburn, North

Yorkshire. The company was founded by Simon Muir over ten years ago. Its key customers

comprise small scale construction contractors with projects such as private home extensions.

Kevin Richardson, Area Sales Manager at Linde Castle LTD, explains:

“The Linde Approved H25D diesel counterbalance truck is a great truck for a sole supplier such

as Simon Muir. It is energy-efficient with low carbon emissions, low noise and provides

impressive high-torque performance making it perfect for safe, rapid direction changes,

intensive shunting and transfer duties often required at a builder's yard. The high performance,

productivity and reliability guaranteed by the Linde name made purchase from our Approved

range of used trucks a no brainer for this customer.”

Linde offers a wide choice of trucks complete with individual service histories, and only

genuine Linde parts fitted during refurbishment. Three grades of Linde Approved trucks are

available, designed to suit individual budgets and applications.

For more information on how Linde Material Handling can help your business,

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